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I'm Sarah. I live in CT with my dh and two kiddos. DD is 2.9 and ds is 14 months. DD is starting her second year in a preschool co-op with 10 other families; it's secular because we're a pretty diverse group, but there's a strong "crunchy" undercurrent that works well with our beliefs. I'm ordering some Earth*School units this year, too. They're pre-K through early elementary and are created by a pagan mama; I'm really excited because even the descriptions on her site look awesome and the reviews I've read are really good.
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Welcome Sarah!

Your kiddos are young like mine are!

They are. I know some people define homeschooling as starting after the pre-K years, but since a big part of homeschooling, to me, is to break away from the educational definitions of the federal education system, it doesn't make sense to stuff us into that box. ;)

We're eclectic by practice and somewhere toward unschooling by philosophy. DD's a bright kid and started really jonesing for more stimulus than I could provide last year, so when a friend said she was starting a co-op for 2-4 year olds, I hesitantly asked if she would consider Miss Q, who was 21 months at the time. To which she, knowing Q quite well, said, "Of course." I figure we've been learning together since her birth, and this is simply a continuation of that path. And at 14 months, B. is pretty happy to just come along for the ride. Q's been teaching me to be flexible and let go of my expectations of "normal." B's teaching me all about physics and how fast I can run across a room and safety-spot a climber. And how to eat a microphone while singing the ABCs (or, as he sings them, "A-A-A-A-A-A-AAAAAAAAAAA"). And that daredevil little boys can also be really into art and music.

Kids are so cool.
what are Earth School units ( can you direct me there?) I tried googling and I just got confused.
just fyi, you've created a monster!

The lessons sound like so much fun and so reasonably priced!!

Its really hard to not order them all now.

You should post a "main" post to let other moms know too in case they don't check comments.